Girl Bosses: The Increasing Number of Female Entrepreneurs in Escorting

Gone are the days when escorting was considered a male-dominated business. Female escort providers in the United States are no longer the ‘fringe’ of the industry. Instead, from Houston to Los Angeles, more and more women are leaping to the opportunity of offering high-end professional services and creating a viable stream of income for themselves in the booming adult service industry. Added to this phenomenal growth is the increasing use of Female Escorts in Houston and reputable adult classified websites such as to promote and manage their work.

Erotic Massage in Houston part of the growing escort sector

A study done by the American Sex Workers Association (ASWA) revealed the astonishing trend of female-owned businesses in the escort sector that is mostly associated with male domination. Women are increasingly becoming involved in high-end escorting services such as Bodyrubs, Nuru massage, BDSM and TG/TS escort industry. They often leverage other people’s networks, share resources, and create co-operative opportunities with other working women. The ASWA has also observed that Cam Girls are driving more and more growth in erotic massage in Houston.

Female Escorts Dominating the Escort Industry

The growth of the Female Escort industry is attributed to a number of factors. One of the most prominent reasons for the growth of female entrepreneurs is due to the sense of independence which it offers. Being able to make their own decisions about how to manage their business and being able to make a good income has led many female escorts to become a formidable force in the industry.

Besides the attraction of financial gain, Female Escorts are successful because they are increasingly proactive in the way they promote and conduct their business. They have been found to be creative when it comes to marketing their services as well as ensuring top-notch customer service by promoting healthy and long-term links with their patrons. – the perfect business platform for Escorts

In order to successfully manage their business, female entrepreneurs need the right tools such as – a leading adult classified website in the US. not only provides female escorts with an active platform to promote and manage their business but also offers a unique suite of tools and services that enable escorts to determine their safety preferences, set up their own business profiles, and control the way in which they wish to be contacted. All of these enable female escorts to establish relationships with potential customers in an informed and friendly manner.

Women in the escort industry of today: Bold and Powerful

As a result of the growth of female escorts in the United States, women are becoming increasingly bold and powerful in the industry. This is especially evident in the way in which female entrepreneurs are increasingly using adult classified websites such as to promote themselves and gain recognition and respect in the industry.

Female entrepreneurs, or girl bosses, as they are fondly referred to, are the future of the escort industry as they continue to provide an incomparable level of customer service and establish a level of respect in the escorting business that will not be challenged for a long time. Not only are they creating an enjoyable and pleasurable experience for their clients, but they are also income generating and empowering themselves in the process.


Female Escorts in the United states are no longer the ‘fringe’ of the industry. From Houston to Los Angeles and other US cities, women are increasing their participation in the escort industry. Such women are taking on an entrepreneurial approach to drive their businesses and are leveraging the use of adult classified websites such as to manage their services with an acute level of expertise. As a result, girl bosses are increasingly gaining recognition and respect in the escort industry, offering outstanding amenities and providing a pleasurable experience for their customers.